All Boats are running with a limited load to ensure social distancing practices. We are happy to be able to get you out fishing again! 

You can give us a call to get on board! OR book online.

We do have new guidelines to follow, so please be patient, and respectful as we all adjust to them.

Social distancing

All Anglers must provide their OWN masks, gloves and respect the 6 foot distance. 

You MUST remain in the alotted space you are for social distancing

Deckhands will help where they can, please respect their distances. 


  • Cleaning and Disinfection Efforts - At this time, in addition to routine cleaning and disinfection strategies, vessels may consider more frequent cleaning of commonly touched surfaces such as handrails, countertops, and doorknobs. The primary mode of COVID-19 virus transmission is believed to be through respiratory droplets that are spread from an infected person through coughing or sneezing to a susceptible close contact within about 6 feet. Therefore, widespread disinfection is unlikely to be effective. (CDC Guidance)
  • The bunks pads and all bunk room surfaces and hand holds are cleaned between each trip.
  • All passengers must bring their own sleeping bag and pillow for overnight trips.
  • When safe and possible, ensure there is 6 feet of rail space between each person.
  • Alternating head and feet positions in bunks to keep respiratory distance between persons on overnight vessels.
  • Have all rails, counters and seating areas cleaned as frequently as possible but as reasonable for the circumstances.
  • When practical, we will only permit persons in the galley who are ordering and consuming food. When possible, all patrons should be invited to eat outside as is reasonable and prudent. A small fold up canvas chair is acceptable 
  • Passengers are to observe sanitization and social-distancing parameters to the extent reasonably possible, while being considerate of the customer experience.





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